may 18, 2015

Our Campari poster in Milano

Campari campaign, Expo Milano 2015

april 29, 2015


and then she woke up

september 15, 2014



ADOBE WTFIT / Decadence

july 16, 2014

WTFIT Adobe invited us and send us a box... instructions below.

1) You've received this box of unrelated items.
2) Find your word on the back of this card.
3) Use every item in this box in your creation. Add only glue and paint.
4) At the end of the week, photograph the result and post item as a new project to Behance.


Words Bites Picture

june 09, 2014

Friend & Colleague is made up of Katya and Alexei Tylevich. A more accurate name would be Sibling & Colleague. They work together on editions and curated projects.

Among the artists featured in this upcoming show (in alphabetical order): Dewey Ambrosino, Edgar Arceneaux, Michal Borremans, Espen Dietrichson, Carl Hammoud, Todd Hido, Mi-Zo, Richard Misrach, Dasha Shishkin, and others. Previous participants include Vito Acconci and Otmar Thormann.

The opening reception for "Word Bites Picture" will take place Thursday, June 19 at Design Matters Gallery from 6-9. The reception is open to the public, and the exhibition will be on view through July 26, 2014.


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